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5 Simple Kitchen Remodel Ideas under $500!

Many homebuyers are interested in upgrading, or updating their kitchens. A kitchen is the central room in many homes, one where family gathers to talk about their day, where kids work on homework while parents cook, and where friends gather for get-togethers and parties. Many kitchen remodels are expensive and you can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars upgrading a kitchen, but you don’t have to. If you don’t have an unlimited budget but still want to update and upgrade your kitchen, you can! We’ve collected 5 ideas for simple, quick and easy kitchen updates and remodel ideas – and the best part is that they are all under $500 each! Work towards the kitchen of your dreams, starting today!

  1. Update those walls: new paint, whether in the same, or a different color, can totally refresh and update a room. Lighter colored paints can also make smaller rooms appear larger, which is great for smaller or galley-style kitchens. For under $200, you can buy new paint, tape, rollers and brushes and this project can be easily completed in a weekend afternoon.
  2. Add crown molding: This project will be especially thrifty if you already own a table saw. If not, they can be rented from most of the major home improvement stores. For under a couple hundred dollars, crown molding pieces can be purchased and trimmed to fit above your kitchen cabinets, giving them the look and feel of custom pieces.
  3. Update the hardware on your cabinets: This quick and easy update is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to give your cabinets new life. Hardware, cabinets and drawer pulls can be purchased from home improvement stores, from antique shops and even from estate and garage sales. There are many elegant looking options that will cost you only a few dollars per piece.
  4. Paint or refinish your cabinets: Buying entirely new cabinets is likely to be an expensive upgrade to your kitchen, but all cabinets, including laminate ones, can be painted as long as you use the right paint and primer. Additionally, there are options like bead board wallpaper which applied to bottom cabinets and given a fresh coat of white paint will change the look and texture of your cabinets completely – without costing you more than about $300 for the paper, primer and paint.
  5. Lightening counts: Is your kitchen poorly lit, or are your lighting fixtures ugly or dated looking? If so, changing out to a new lighting fixture can be a quick and easy fix that can take decades off the look of your kitchen. Swapping out existing fixtures is a pretty easy DIY with lots of tutorials available online, or you can hire someone. As it’s an easy project for a licensed electrician, it shouldn’t cost you more than $150 in time/labor, plus the cost of your new lighting fixture. 

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